biff mithoefer in charlottetown

November 21 and 22!
Trinity United Church, Prince and Richmond Streets
Join us for a celebration
Yin Yoga
“The Way of the Healer and Storyteller”

Storytelling is the most ancient tool of the healer.  Since the beginning of human kinds adventure here on earth, people have been gathering together to hear and tell their own and their culture’s healing stories. Understanding these ancient teaching stories can help us begin to see our lives as part of a greater story, encouraging us to take responsibility for the parts we choose to play. 
In this weekend workshop, we will spend time together exploring this ancient path, the Way of the Healer and Storyteller. Our days will consist of:    - Quiet Yin Classes    - The Exploration of classic Youth stories, Midlife Stories and  Elder Stories    - Intentional sharing    - Body Meditation
Yin Yoga is a supported practice, it uses relaxed muscles, and the support of blocks and cushions as needed to help open and support you.  It is a deep acting style of Yoga, helping to create true flexibility.Biff Mithoefer is a world traveling Yin Yoga teacher.  He is much loved for his compassion and knowledge about Yoga and is a great teacher. 
He divides his personal time between Vermont and Hawaii where he splits wood or surfs depending on the season.
$245  for all 4 sessions$140 for 2
$80 for 1
HST is includedRegister with Ruth at 902-583-2674
payment accepted as cash, cheque or etransfer
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Fall and winter classes in charlottetown and souris

 Yoga Styles Offered:

Check the schedule for details of what style is offered on which night and location.  Classes run year round with occasional breaks when Ruth/Atmabir goes off island to host or attend trainings and workshops.


Blend: Yang and Yin: for people with some experience, lots of detail, open the heart and find the light within to power the practice. Sometimes the class is a slow moving flow and sometimes it is in workshop format.


Blend Yang and Yin Basics: for people new to yoga or those wanting to stay at a basic level. Slower pace, short flows, finding your way in each posture.  Yang style has more energy using the navel centre and movement while Yin uses supports and long holds to develop true flexibility.


The Asanas of Astanga: once a month or so a "power yoga" flow for experienced yoga practitioners. Enjoy the heat both inside and out. A flowing practice fueled by Ujjayibreath. The other weeks will be some flow and some slow, detailed work to really understand what is happening in the asanas


Kundalini Yoga – a spiritual and enlightening mix of meditation, mudra (intentional hand action), chanting, breath (pranayama), and physical action. This Yoga needs to be experienced! Let it help fast track you on the path to your joyful True Self.

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14 Postures of Yin Yoga Dieppe, Saturday, October 25 at 1-4 Souris, Sunday, November 2 at 10-1

 Learn the 14 main postures in Yin Yoga and how to support yourself in each one.  This is more of a mind class than a yin class...postures will not be held as you will be getting in and out of them to try different supports.  A great workshop to take before attending Biff’s workshop in Charlottetown November 21 and 22.

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childplay with gurudass kaur, shediac, September 2015

 for both of these wonderful weekend workshops contact Jacynte Leger

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Fall 2014 newsletter

Check out the Fall 2014 newsletter

Click here

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yoga ink’s 220 hour and 550 hour yoga retreats and training programs

Most participants of Yoga Teacher Training programs attend to advance and deepen their knowledge and personal practice of Yoga.
If you have a compassionate love of yoga and a desire to teach this wonderful discipline to others these programs will give you the knowledge needed to begin and further your path as a Yoga teacher.
Yoga Ink has been leading Yoga Teacher Training Programs in New Brunswick and PEI for nine years.
Yoga Ink's courses introduce participants to the wide world of Yoga and the many ways it is presented and practiced today.
Classes are small to give all students many chances to teach each other and the general public.
Be prepared to clean house! - as you learn more about Yoga and the lessons are absorbed on a cellular level you become a new person from the inside out!
Expand your practice….deepen your love of Yoga,find your true self

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doug keller workshop 2015 - pei

April 10 and 11, 2015
YOGA and Yoga Therapy
Charlottetown, PEI
Thanks to everyone who attended in 2014!!  It was a great workshop by an excellent teacher and we look forward to next year when he will return to the same venue and the same weekend in April. A pre-registration list has been started.

Doug Keller is an internationally known Yogi, authour and teacher of Yoga and Yoga Therapy. His humble presence and easy-going teaching make his workshops completely addicting. The information that he teaches is important an usable by every person that uses a yoga mat. Yoga Ink has hosted him on PERI and NB for the past six years.

Friday 1:30-4:30 PM:
6:00-8:30 PM:
Saturday 9AM-12
1:30-4:30 PM

Weekend topic and fees will be announced in the fall.
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Spring NewsLetter

Spring NewsLetter 


userfiles/spring 2014 NEWS.doc

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Yoga Kitchen

Conscious cooking and mindful eating are excellent complements to Yoga.  
At my winter workshops and Teacher Trainings, light, nutritious and home-made foods are popular. This winter, one of the favourites was a light and creamy non-dairy dessert:
"Pecan Mousse"
dairy-free, gluten-free,
1 cup shelled pecans
hot water to cover
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
solid part of a large can of coconut milk (I like Thai Kitchen organic). Chill the can to help the "milk" separate
1. Put pecans in a blender and add hot water to just cover.  Set aside for 30-60 minutes.
2. After soaking, add maple syrup and vanilla, blend until smooth.
3. Add the solid coconut milk and blend until silky smooth.
(the liquid can be used in soups).
4. Scrape the mousse out of the blender into a glass or ceramic bowl and chill.
Can be refrigerated for several days. Serve in small bowls with tiny spoons and shaved dark chocolate on top.
While the pecans are soaking put together the following, easy to make, colourful, and delicious casserole.  Good with squash soup and a green salad .
Spinach Carrot "Souffle
egg-free and can be dairy-free
9x9 glass pan, serves 6-8
preheat oven to 350 F.
4 cups (packed) grated carrots
1 cup chopped onion
1 Tablespoon minced fresh basil or 1 teaspoon dried
2 packages of frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed fairly dry (OR 2 pounds of  fresh that has been chopped very fine.
1 cup ground almonds
1 cup (optional) feta cheese (or goat paneer if you want to have less salt)
¼ teaspoon black pepper
Saute the carrots in olive oil until bright orange, set aside in a large bowl.
Saute the onions in olive oil until translucent.  When just about done, add the basil and black pepper (and fresh spinach, if using).
Add to the carrots.
Add ground almonds, and cheese if using.
Mix thoroughly. Oil the glass pan and pack the mixture into it. Bake one hour until golden.
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NEW! We are now offering two new Yoga services:

Yoga for You!
Free Your Body – Liberate Your Mind – Live Life
Guided 40 Day Personal Sadhana - A one-on-one way to bring this life transforming technique into your life.
Yoga for You! is a Kundalini consultation – fill out the questionnaire, have a private class to learn YOUR sadhana (daily practice), and receive printed support materials and email or phone guidance for 40 days.
Yoga For You! will help you add the daily practice needed at this time in your life to become healthier, more vibrant, full of energy for what you want to do and what you must do. Feel good TODAY!
Your personal Sadhana will be designed to fit into your life and may include meditation, chanting, physical practice, mudras (hand motions), and Breathwalk.  Support materials will enrich each of the 40 days with small changes that can be made in your daily life. Begin each day with an inspiring quote and try some new recipes for healthy foods.
Ruth Richman - Atmabir Kaur - is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher in the style of Yogi Bhajan. She is in the multi-year process of attaining her Level 2 certification through the Kundalini Research Institute.
Yoga Therapy and Private Sessions - one on one support to help you through difficult physical times or to expand your Yoga practice by turning the light on what you need without the distraction of other people.  In one private class you may discover why you have difficulty doing specific asanas and how you may modify or accommodate them to deepen your practice and gain physical and emotiona benefits. 
If you are living with MS, Parkinsons or other mobility limiting disorders Yoga Therapy can give you more comfortable movement and increase range of motion.  Yoga Therapy works with your body but home practice is necessary for you to gain maximum benefit.
Yoga Therapy can help movement disorders, scoliosis, limited range of motion, respiratory and digestive problems.  It is support to the medical information you may be receiving from your medical doctor or health practitioner and they should be informed of your participation in Yoga Therapy.
Yoga Therapy and private sessions may include meditation, asana (poses), hands on physical assists and adjustments in poses, and relaxation techniques.Therapy sessions can be done in your home or one of Ruth Richman's locations in eastern PEI. 

Ruth Richman has been studying Yoga Therapy with Doug Keller for several years and continues learning from him. She is in the advanced section of his Yoga Therapy Certification Program. She is triple certified to teach Yoga and is recognized by Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500 which is Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with over 1000 hours of teaching and over 500 hours of training (as of June 2011 Ruth has over 2500 trackable hours of Yoga training).


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Fruit and Nut Treats all recipes by Ruth Richman

here’s a selection of recipes tried and true…I use a cuisinart pro size food processor. You may want to make smaller batches – cut all ingredients in half
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